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Friday, 16 May 2014


The  name of  a  sight  I  want to go is the Akropolis  in Athens. Because it  talks about mythology and  I like it. It is 156m. tall. It is nice because  it has a lot of  temples. The  Parthenon, the statue of  Athens  e.t.c. It's a beautiful sight. There are a lot of tourists and  Greek people from Kalamata, Patra, Messologi e.t.c.

I  know that the first temple was built  in  (1100-750 B.C.) and the first sight is Propylaia , the temple of Athens Nike, the statue of Athens, which is 7 m tall e.t.c. It's  fantastic. The statue and temple are also amazing. In the Akropolis sight there are a lot of  trees.

I like it because it talks about mythology. The students and families can go there.

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