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Monday, 29 April 2013

Μια μέρα στην θάλασσα

Ξύπνησα  πολύ  νωρίς. Σκεφτόμουν τι να κάνω.
-Μπορώ  να πάω στο πάρκο για να παίξω μπάλα;
-Όχι, Στέφανε κάνει πολλή ζέστη, απάντησε η μαμά.
-Ξέρω,θα πάμε οικογενειακώς για μπάνιο.
-Καλή ιδέα, Στέφανε, ας πάμε!
Ετοιμάστηκα γρήγορα και μπήκα στο αυτοκίνητο. Όταν φτάσαμε, απευθείας μπήκα στην θάλασσα.Το νερό ήταν πολύ ζεστό.Στην θάλασσα ήμουν 7 ώρες.Έπαιξα άλλες 4 ώρες.΄Οταν πήγαμε σπίτι έπεσα για ύπνο από την κούραση.          


In Serbia

 I am half  Greek  and half Serbian. I go every  year  to Serbia with my mother. In the city where I go lives my grandmother, my sister and my uncle. The city's name is Kragujevac. It has got about 300.000 citizens.That city was the old capital city, now it is the fifth biggest city in Serbia. The life is very good there. It is a very lovely city.

You must visit this city!!!

Buy from Steven!!!:)

Thursday, 25 April 2013

A Film I Like

My favourite film is Ratatoui. Ratatoui is an adventure and a funny film. This story is both for children and for adults. The story was it about some rats and a restaurant in France. One of the rats is Ratatoui. His friend is Reme. Every day Ratatoui and Reme go to the restaurant and they take food to eat. But one day a man in the restaurant whose is Liguine
to be continued

Wednesday, 17 April 2013

Carnival Crazy in Kalamata !!!

by Aris S.
Hi Polyzoes,
How are you ? I'm writing because I have some free time.

We're going to have a carnival party. My mother is making the costumes. We are going to wear hooligans costumes. It's going to be fantastic. 

Why don't you come over to my house this weekend so that I can show you my costume? You can have lunch with us.

Let me know about the weekend.
Bye for now.

Last Weekend

by John P.

Dear George,

Yesterday, it was a great day.
I got up at 9 o' clock.
I had breakfast and then I watched on TV cartoons.
At 11 o' clock I went to my basketball game.
My team was the winner.
After the game I came back home.
I had a bath and then my family and I visited our grantparents.
We ate moussaka and after that my brother and I played football.
We had a great time.
Finally, I met an old friend.
We went to the park and we played hide and seek.
At night we came back home.
We were so tired and we went to our beds at once.
What about you? Did you have a nice time yesterday?

Write soon!

Friday, 12 April 2013


by Alexander Ser

Dear John

 How are you?Thanks for you last email.Your new house looks great but I can't believe you don't have any
recycling bins.I think it would he a good idea if you had recycling bins so that you could recycle glass,
paper, plastic, clothes and  shoes. In this way we can help keep the enviroment clean.

Write back soon and tell me your news.

Bye for now,


Wednesday, 10 April 2013

What I did yesterday ...

 (by John P.)
Dear George,                                                                                                         

Yesterday, it was a great day. I got up at 9 o' clock.
I had breakfast and then I watched TV.
At 11 o' clock I went to the basketball match.
My team was the winner!
After the match I came home.
I took a bath and then my family and I visited my grandparents.
We ate moussaka and my brother and I played football.
We had a great time and finally we met an old friend.
We went to the park and we played hide and seek.
In the evening we came back home.
We were so tired and we went to our beds.

See you ...

Your friend John


by Nestor V.
Hi Nick,
How are you? Thanks for your last email .Your new shop looks great, but I cannot believe you don’t have recycling bins in your neighbourhood. They’re very important for the environment.

If I were you, I would send emails to everyone in the  neighbourhood  to solve this problem. Another good idea is to start a new group in your neighborhood. You can have a meeting and talk about problems in the environment.

Well,I hope my advice helps you .

Bye for now,


by Steven K.
Hi Kostantinos,
How are you? Thanks for your last e-mail.Your new house is wonderful, but you have not got any recycling bins.

If you recycled, you would save the environment. We could help the environment, if we saved energy. If I were you I would recycle paper, glass, cans and clothes . If you recycled  all your rubbish, your  neigbourhood would be clean .
Well,  I hope my advice helps
Bye for now,
Steven!!!    :)


 by Chris P.

Hi Sofie!

How are you? Has your neighborhood cleaned up the garbage from your local beach yet?

If I were you,I would get a group of friends together to get the job done. Arrange to meet after school and head on down  to the beach and start cleaning!

Even better, maybe you can post flyers around the neighborhood and that way more people can come along and help too.

Well,I hope your clean up works out well. Write back and let me know.

Bye for know,


Friday, 5 April 2013

The White Timber Wolf

by Alex Ser
The White Timber Wolf is one of the wildest and most beautiful animals of the forest. White Wolves usually hunt n a familly pack (3 to30 wolves). In this way, they can kill large animals. Parents teach pups how to hunt. It's 75-80cm tall and weights between 20 and 60 kg. It has strong jaws and sharp teeth. It can eat a lot of meat at one meal and then go without food for a long time. It usually eats animals like mice, rabbits and squirrels. 

For more details visit the site www.timberwolf.com

Last Weekend

 by John P.
Last weekend I travelled to London with my family.
We bought lots of things there. 
Then we went to the Tower of London and after that we went to a museum.
That Saturday we had great fun.

When we went back to our house my mum made us moussaka. 
In the evening we went to the theme park and we went to every ride. 
On Sunday we went to the sea and we swam. 
Later, we went to my grandparents' and we ate rice with chicken. 
At night we went back home. 
I loved that Sunday. 

I think last weekend was real fun!!