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Sunday, 1 December 2013

Let's Help to Have a Better Environment (by Jim Laz....s)

Letter to the Editor
Dear Sir / Madam,
I read your article about pollution in your news paper. It's true that nowadays we have a lot of problems with pollution People haven't taken good care of the environment for many years. Now we all need to do something to stop this.

People can help the environment by recycling. They must not throw away plastic, glass, aluminium and paper.  They can use recycling bins and collect all this material to recycle and use it again.
Teachers and students can organize a campaign for recycling, to make people understand how important it is. For example, if we recycle paper we will not cut down trees to make new paper.

Taking care of our environment means that our towns and neighbouhoods will become cleaner and healthier place to live in. If we all understand how important this is the Earth will become a better place for our children.

Yours faithfully,
Jim Laz_ _ _  s

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