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Saturday, 29 June 2013

My BEST friend!!!!!!!

My best friend's name is Effie.Her favourite colour is pink and she likes gymnastics. She's got brown hair and brown eyes.She's a bit short but that's not a problem. She's full of silly ideas and she always laughs at me when I do something funny, bad or silly.She's kind and thoughtful.

Effie has an older sister. Her name is Anna. She's quite mean and she's also a huge DIVA.But when Effie really needs her she's always there for her. But she's still a DIVA.

Effie's mom Miss Barbara is also my mom's best friend. She is smart and she also was a teacher at ELC School. Her dad Mr.Takis owns an internet cafe and he let me and Effie go there and play for free!!!!!

Well Effie dosnt live anymore in Greece. She went to America ( U.S.A. ). But she's my friend and I'll NEVER forget her.......

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